Just embarked on a 2 week adventure across America. I’ll be posting all sorts of shit on here

This is another thing I don't get.


Why do people let themselves go when they come into a bad spot in their life?

FUCK THAT. When you take care of yourself, people notice. People respect the well kept.

When I get dissed by life, or a boy, or fucking whatever, I know it’s time for some spring cleaning and I think everyone…

Posted something similar a while ago. I wish more people realized this

Yesterday, A customer told me that I was the best server he has ever had in his life , and then gave me a 50% tip.

^reasons why life rules

Anonymous: What does the word "women" mean to you?

Considering human life wouldn’t exist without women, I can safely say women are one of, if not the most important beings on earth. So I respect them. Why do you ask, anon?

Always remain positive. Even in the darkest of times. The positive energy keeps you grounded, keeps you looking forward to good times, and things shall flourish in good times. Remember that